Grgich got some NY Times Ink.

Roberta Smith, NY Times Friday December 19, 2018

Shrine Gallery, photo by AMG at 2018 OAF   Mose Tolliver, who I visited in the late 90's in Birmingham

Shrine Gallery, photo by AMG at 2018 OAF Mose Tolliver, who I visited in the late 90's in Birmingham

The 2018 International NYC Outsider Art Fair with ZQ Gallery

Jersey City Exhibition EVERYTHING NOW at ZQ GALLERY Mana Contemporary - Room # 332 October 15, 2017- December 8, 2017

ZQ Gallery, Mana Contemporary-Room #332 October 15-December 8, 2017 Jersey City

ZQ Gallery, Mana Contemporary-Room #332 October 15-December 8, 2017 Jersey City

2018 NYC International Outsider Art Fair with ZQ Gallery

Current Exhibition thru December 2017 at ZQ Art Gallery, Jersey City, New Jersey, for availability please contact: Jose Zelaya 

Solo Exhibition of Anne Grgich at Black Lab Gallery Sept 21-Nov. 11th][0]Anne Grgich Artist Talk September 28 7:30-9:00 at Black Lab Gallery

Group Exhibition in Montreal MuseumChapelle historique du Bon-Pasteur, Maison de la culture de l’arrondissement Ville-Marie Du 28 septembre au 5 novembre 2017 100, rue Sherbrooke Est, Montréal (QC) H2X 1C3 Tél : (514) 872-5338

2017 NYC Outsider Art Fair Booth 32, Anne Marie Grgich is represented by La Galerie des Nanas, Danville, Quebec featured with artists Martine Birobentand Danielle Jacqui.

Selected by The Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series competition in Seattle for Group Exhibition, Collaboration of The Marshmallow Hunters by Grgich and Altermatt in November 2016 at Treason Gallery in Pioneer Square.

Recent Solo Exhibition of Anne Grgich, Archaeologies of the Extraordinary Everyday IV. The exhibition is one of sound and sight. A collaborative music composition by Steve Fisk, with Anne on Piano. Operated by Sand Point Arts and Cultural Exchange. A 2 month exhibition at Magnuson Park Gallery. Steve Fisk recently gave a talk on his partner Anne Marie Grgich and her art. July 17th 7pm 2016. Steve Fisk was a 2015 Stranger Genius Award winner for music and one of Seattle's most accomplished producers and musicians, playing in bands like Pell Mell, Halo Benders and Pigeonhead. He has produced music for Nirvana, Soundgarden, Screaming Trees, Unwound, and the Wedding Present".

Fisk's original composition will be embedded as accompaniment to a mix of Grgich's newer and older works.

Anne Grgich curated the traveling exhibition titled "Internal Guidance Systems" with Colin Rhodes. 2006-2008
Internal Guidance Systems curated by Anne Grgich and Colin Rhodes
2006-2008 Internal Guidance Systems Exhibit at select venues:
Mark Woolley Gallery: Portland, OR
N4th Gallery: Albuquerque, NM
The Outsider Art Center: Minneapolis, MN
TAG Gallery: Nashville, TN
AOT Gallery: Port Townsend, WA
Gallery Gachet: Vancouver, BC
Track 16 Gallery: Santa Monica, CA
The Arnold Gallery: Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR
The Folk and Outsider Art Gallery: Reading PA

4 October – 13 December 2009
Born in Portland, Oregon in 1961, Anne Marie Grgich began making spontaneous art at the age of 15, mostly junk constructions and clandestine paintings in her family’s books. She first introduced collage into her work around 1988, but took it to a higher level in 1997 during a period of illness. After her recover she began to produce collage paintings – images of people encountered over time in the street and in mind journeys that manifest themselves and recombine, according to her mood, in the process of creation. Though well known in the USA, this was Grgich’s first solo exhibition in Australia.

Curated by Professor Colin Rhodes, Dean of Sydney College of the Arts.